Revise smart with EdPlace this summer

Here at EdPlace, our vision is to transform revision into a positive experience by tailoring your child's learning journey, effectively measuring their progress and ultimately building their confidence so they can achieve anything they set their mind to.



NEW! 11+ resources on EdPlace

We're delighted to announce that here at EdPlace, we're now offering 11+ resources.

We're the only resource provider who starts developing 11+ skills from year 3, layering them into wider skills across English and maths, and progressing them up to the exam at a pace that's right for them.

This coupled with hyper-relevant content such as practice papers and activities in the style of CEM and GL, plus our algorithm ensuring students are working at the right level, results in happy and engaged students, and what we think is the best preparation for the 11+.

Ultimately, we're focused on inspiring confidence as we believe this has the biggest impact on 11+ exam success and beyond.


Coming this summer...

NEW! Resources

Hundreds of new resources are coming your way! Our team of teachers are writing new resources across the curriculum, specifically tackling SATs and GCSE preparation which is tailored and built to boost confidence.


NEW! Parent and Student app

We're introducing a new iOS and Android app which we think will be the best revision app out there.   


A note from our founder, Will Paterson:

"As a dyslexic, the number one thing for me was working with belief and confidence. Not only did this help me get my grades, it taught me how I could turn a challenge into an opportunity.  I passionately believe that tech can play a key part in this - our aim is to help students revise smart in a way that's right for them. We can't re-define the education system but we can turn its challenges into opportunities."