In light of the uncertainty we all face in our daily lives and the temporary closure of schools as a result of COVID-19, I’d like to set out what support we’re offering for your distance learning. Our priority is to ensure as many students as possible have access to quality resources aligned to their current schooling, but also to help parents lives easier during this time. 

There are 3 steps we’ve taken:

  1. 1. We’ve opened up our activities on the website. This means anyone can use our content without an account. Paid access is for registered accounts and specific features such as auto-assign, badges and progress reporting. Head here for content that's relevant for you:
  2. 2. To support schools and students most in need we’re offering free accounts to schools for up to 100 students during the closure period. Do forward this page on to your school if we can help.
  3. 3. We’ve also included a link to our distance learning guides created by our expert team of teachers which answers questions such as: 
  • - How to decide on what to teach;
  • - How to structure and plan lessons;
  • - Where to find resources; and
  • - Links to fun and engaging English and maths lesson planning ideas. 

Everything we do at EdPlace is aimed at inspiring confidence, as this is what drives the best results. It's central to how we’ve designed the platform and how we operate as a team.

Despite being such an unprecedented and daunting time, the resources and support are out there, and as parents, confidently working through this means we can give our kids amazing support.

Will Paterson
CEO & Founder