EdPlace's Key Stage 1 home learning maths lesson: Shapes in your surroundings

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Now...onto the lesson!


What's It All About?

We all know the basic shapes right?
Why not challenge your child to find
them in the things that surround them?



Why not challenge your child to find shapes in the things that surround them? Here is a list of shapes to find - print it out, attach it to a clipboard and away you go!

Teachers Tips:

Teacher Tip 1:

This activity isn’t just limited to your park or garden, the seaside is an amazing place to find
shapes too; starfish, jellyfish, sails on boats, ice-cream cones, beach balls, lilo’s or rubber rings?
You could also set up shape treasure hunts inside national trust houses, on farm visits or at
amusement parks. Even on the car journey there, there are shapes to be found!

Teacher Tip 2:

Show them how to look carefully in hedgerows to find oval nests or bird’s eggs. Look for logs that
have been cut into circles or triangular shaped leaves or trees, spiral snail shells or hexagonal
honeycomb. If after looking your child really can’t find all the shapes on the list, they could make
the shape themselves using leaves or flowers or pebbles and then draw that.

Teacher Tip 3:

If you want to extend your child beyond two dimensional shapes, challenge
them to find and name 3D shapes too. The supermarket is an ideal place to
find cubes, cuboids, pyramids and cones and works wonderfully to enhance
their experience of the boring old weekly shop. What’s more it keeps your child
stimulated and learning!


Conclusion and Supporting EdPlace Activities

Once you’ve practised using your maths skills to go angle hunting over the summer, try these EdPlace activities which all contain questions and challenges involving identifying, comparing and classifying angles to help you revise your year 1 skills or get a head start on year 2! 



Activity 1 - Know Your 2D and 3D Shapes: Can You Name Them?

Activity 2 - Know Your 3D Shapes: Naming Shapes

Activity 3 - Know Your 3D Shapes: Faces, Edges and Corners

Activity 4 - Spot 2D Shapes on Common 3D Objects


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