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Algebra equations activities for Key Stage 3 - Year 7

The following five worksheets are perfect for keeping your child's brain engaged outside the classroom. Learn, practise and test with our National Curriculum aligned Algebra equations activities. These are perfect for students who are in Year 7, or can be used as a refresher for those in Year 8 and 9. All activities are created by teachers and automatically marked. Plus, with an EdPlace subscription, we can automatically progress your child at a level that's right for them. Sending you progress reports along the way so you can track and measure progress, together - brilliant! 

Simplify and Solve One-Stage Equations   

Solve Equations (of the form ax + b = c) Using the Inverse Method

Solve Inequalities (1)

Solve Simple Equations (+ or -)

Solve Simple Equations (Mixed Decimals)


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