Can we do something? How long is it now? I'm bored, can we play a game? 5 minutes left - what can I do? 

Resource-free games that you can play anywhere, with anyone and can last as long (or short) as you want

I've got some great game suggestions that cost nothing and can keep you and (most importantly) your kids amused for hours! Even my adult children like to play these games still.That's the best thing about resource-free games; they're totally age and environment adaptable. 


Would you rather? (WYR)

Ask your family a series of silly Would you rather... questions.

1. WYR only have 5 teeth OR 5 toes?

2. Eat pineapple dipped in meat gravy OR drink tea made with orange juice instead of milk?

3. Have super, super speedy wifi for 12 months OR a free fast-food for 6 months?

4. Have bright blue hands OR garish green feet?

5. Only eat things that are yellow OR green?

6. Have a beetle tangled in your hair or spider in your socks? 

When creating these types of questions, the only rule is...the sillier the better! Make it topical if you like. If you're in the car on the way to Cornwall on a camping trip 'Would you rather eat Broccoli scones or Brussel Sprout cream?' 'WYR sleep in a tent made of cheese or a caravan made from jelly?' Make it funny and think of a prize for the most amusing questions. 'The winner gets first dibs on the best room'.


The 'sweet' game 

Okay, so it doesn't have to be the 'sweet' game, it can be the 'crisp' game, the 'clothing' game. the 'car' game... whichever suits your audience! 

Think of a theme. I'll go with 'sweets' as that's the one my family most often played. 

Take it in turns to name one kind of sweet. (At this point it may be prudent to discuss the term 'sweet'! My crew always had something to say about someone adding a chocolate bar in - which caused mayhem. They're so competitive!)

Star Mix, Wine gums, Fruit pastilles, Millions etc.... 

You mustn't hesitate or repeat what has already been said otherwise you're out. 


Number plate game 

(I've just realised how I really should've put more thought into the game titles!) 

Number plates have three letters at the end. For example RV62 YCG 

Someone calls out the three letters 'YCG'

1. Make up a silly or nonsense sentence using those letters

'You Can Go

'Yellow Cats Grin' 

'You're Crying Grit'


Make up a person's name that owns the car 

'Yasmin Claire Grimes'

'Yousef Christopher Granger'


Make up a three course meal

Starter; Yams

Main; Cauliflower cheese

Dessert; Grapes 


Eye-spy with my little EYEBALLLLLLL!

Classic Eye-spy but by saying 'with my little eye-ballll' in a funny voice or accent apparently makes it better! 

1. Things inside the car

2.Things that the cows can see

3.Things that are red, white or blue

4.Things on a person

Change up the themes when playing eye-spy otherwise it can become quite repetitive. Also, for younger children instead of saying 'something that starts with A', say the sound of the letter instead of the name of the letter 'something that begins with 'a'


100 ways to use a pen...

Grab a pen (with a lid on) and pass around the group. Each person has to come up with something that the pen could be used for and act it out.

Lipstick, Dart, Hair curler, Conductors Baton, golf club, walking stick, knitting needle, nail varnish etc.etc.

There is no end of possibilities. The more creative the better!

If someone can't think of one, then they are out. 


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