How EdPlace can help ESL and EAL Students

There are over 100 different languages and thousands of worksheets to ensure that EdPlace is totally inclusive and accessible



EdPlace offers thousands of interactive learning and teaching resources to help support ESL children from year 1 to GCSE. We’re here to help support your child through their learning journey. We understand that finding the type of support your child may need can be daunting. We hope to help de-mystify some of common questions to help you and support your child’s education.


EdPlace’s new accessibility toolbar allows you to transform all text into the child’s first language, so that you can assess their current ability level in relation to their chronological age if they are new to your school, and to ensure that you can set suitably personalised and differentiated tasks. The language feature takes away the need for an interpreter to introduce basic tasks and allows the ESL child to work independently and comfortably. Therefore giving the child a chance to be included in activities with their English speaking peers, and allowing them to complete and understand worksheets, raising their self-esteem. A happy and confident child leads to a resilient and determined learner.

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Teachers of modern foreign languages (MFLs) such as French, German and Spanish, can also use this tool as part of their teaching resource. Setting students level appropriate and differentiated tasks in their newly acquired language, thus  submerging students in new vocabulary whilst having fun online in maths, science and English -adhering to whole school literacy and numeracy initiatives.


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