Helpful Heroes


We have a lot to celebrate. Our accessibility toolbar is so good that we just want to sing about it!

Can you spot how many different SEND options there are in the poem below? 


Children who sit and quietly huddle, aren't only the ones that daily struggle,

Keeping their friends and helpers near, living with the internal fear,

The loud and boisterous little boy, that does not want to share their toy,

or the shy blonde girl with the pretty dress, aren't the only ones with constant stress

You never know which person needs more, a change of instruction or a detour,

Diversity and individuality is key, only then can you set each person free,

To share and imagine and add some thought,

Homing in on all the special skills they brought,

Easy wins that shed some light, visual cues to lessen fright,

A window or ruler to help with reading, a change of colour is what they're needing? 

New font types, or larger text, which other changes can I make next? 

Removing barriers to online learning, all-inclusive content is what you're yearning?

Keep it simple- let’s be clear, we’re in it together right now, right here,

EdPlace have all these features, so we can all be successful teachers! 


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