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KS3 science worksheets

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Making the jump to KS3 science doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our KS3 science worksheets, your child will feel supported every step of the way! With new content and revision resources to help prepare your child for their all-important GCSEs, our worksheets cover the breadth and depth of the UK KS3 science National Curriculum. Whether you’re looking for traditional Key Stage 3 science worksheets, KS3 science revision or question and answer activities, our team of dedicated teachers have created arange of activities to be used alongside classroom learning or as part of a homeschooling education. From year 7 science worksheets to year 9 science worksheets, we cover the entire KS3 science curriculum in our learning resources.

KS3 science worksheets by year group

How can Key Stage 3 science worksheets help?



We’re proud to create KS3 science worksheets that introduce new topics and concepts whilst being enjoyable to complete. As parents, we know it can be difficult to keep your child engaged, which is why we compliment our educational content with visual learning materials and other KS3 science revision activities. As well as introducing your child to new content in an approachable manner, we make sure they have a chance to consolidate their knowledge before moving on. We use practice KS3 science tests and interactive KS3 science revision activities to help benchmark their progress, and help you see where they might need some extra support!


We don’t cut corners when it comes to learning - all of our KS3 science worksheets are high quality, and produced by our UK teachers, and in close collaboration with educational professionals and parents. We regularly review and include new content in our learning resources to make sure we’re always aligned to the KS3 science curriculum, and create new activities and KS3 science questions to keep learners engaged!

Popular KS3 science activities

Activities for all KS3 science topics



Whether you’re looking for science worksheets that cover a particular topic, or you want a holistic approach to Key Stage 3 science, our resources cater to any learning approach. If you’d like to support your child on the core topics, our biology worksheets, physics worksheets and chemistry worksheets are the perfect way to break down key ideas in the KS3 science National Curriculum. From human body worksheets to electricity worksheets, we have the KS3 science National Curriculum covered! Our KS3 science resources allow your child to learn in a familiar, supportive environment, introducing new KS3 science topics in a gradual way to help your child learn at a pace that suits them!

Lesson planning & KS3 science revision 



However you want to use our online KS3 science worksheets, they’re a useful resource to get children excited about learning! Used by schools, teachers and parents, our KS3 science revision worksheets are the perfect lesson planning aid or support for specific KS3 science topics, used by thousands of parents around the country. With our KS3 science questions and KS3 science test resources, you can see measurable improvements in your child’s understanding of Key Stage 3 science as a whole.

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