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Investigate Spelling Rules and Exceptions in Plurals

In this worksheet, students will consider exceptions to the general rules for pluralisation.

Worksheet Overview

The most common way to change a singular noun to a plural one is to simply add an s. There are some basic rules for pluralising nouns.


Changing y to ies

puppy    puppies

lorry      lorries

teddy    teddies           


three puppies                                


Changing fe to ves:

knife    knives

wolf     wolves

leaf      leaves


autumn leaves


However, not all nouns follow the rules. The plural of roof is roofs, not rooves, but the plural of hoof can be either hoofs or hooves. Confusing, isn't it?


confused child


Some nouns ending in o add es in the plural while others just add s:

tomato    tomatoes

radio       radios




There are words that don't change at all in the plural:

sheep    sheep

fish        fish


 a flock of sheep


There are also words that change completely in the plural:

person    people

mouse    mice

child       children


two mice


Sometimes we just have to learn the plurals, although a dictionary can be very helpful.


Let's move on to the questions now.

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