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Know Your Subtraction: Numbers from 0 to 20 with Pictures (1)

In this worksheet, students practise subtracting numbers within the range 0 to 20.

'Know Your Subtraction: Numbers from 0 to 20 with Pictures (1)' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 1

Curriculum topic:   Number: Addition and Subtraction

Curriculum subtopic:   Add and Subtract to 20

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Subtraction is the taking of one number or amount away from another.

It is opposite of addition.

To identify the missing number, the given number is subtracted from the total number.



What is 16 - 7? You can cross each item off as you subtract to help you.

cupcake with  candlebiscuitcupcake with candlechocolatecupcake with candlebiscuitchocolatebiscuitbiscuitchocolatecupcake with candlechocolatecupcake with candlebiscuitchocolatechocolate


cupcake with candlebiscuitchocolatebiscuitcupcake with candlebiscuitchocolate


What is 16 minus 7?



16 - 7 = 9

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