Catch-up Assessments

Unsure of your child’s learning progress over the last year? MyTutor and EdPlace are here to help them get back on track with catch-up assessments. Each assessment helps identify any learning gaps ahead of the new school year, giving students, parents and teachers visibility to what they`ve mastered, and where they could do with a bit more practice. After completing the assessment, EdPlace will provide you with a full report on the different National Curriculum skills they need to brush up on.


Pinpointing problem topics will help you refine your search on MyTutor, matching them with a tutor whose expertise will guide them through tricky topics, fill in learning gaps and get them back on track. They`ll progress at your child`s pace, and tailor lessons to their unique learning style. It`s proven to boost grades too - MyTutor students improve, on average, by a whole grade in 12 lessons - Nice! To supplement their tuition, EdPlace will also provide your child with free starter activities to kick-start the new school year. Click on a year group below to sign-up for free and get started.