Grammar Schools and the 11+ in Kent

The county of Kent is home to a large number of Grammar Schools. In order to be able to apply for a place at one, your child will need to sit and pass the Kent Test.

This article will explain the process for sitting the Kent Test and making applications to these schools. The Kent region does not cover Medway, Bexley or Bromley. Please see below for information on these regions.

Grammar schools and 11+ in kent


How do I enter my child for the 11+ in Kent?

The Kent Test is organised by Kent County Council. To be able to apply for a place at one of the 32 Kent grammar schools, your child must sit and pass this test. Children do not automatically take the test, so you must register your child during the June and July they are in Year 5. They will then take the test during the September that they are in Year 6. You can do this online.


When do they sit the 11+ test in Kent?

You can register your child for the Kent test even if you are not currently living in Kent. Results are sent out about one month after the test, in October. Your child will receive one standardised score for each test paper (English, Maths and Reasoning). Your child will also get one aggregate score.

In Kent, an aggregate score of 323 or more means that your child has been assessed as being suitable for grammar school. If this is the case, and if none of their individual single standardised scores are less than 107, you can then apply for a place at the grammar school(s) of your choice by naming it as a preference on your Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF). This is made available to all parents of children in Year 6. It needs to be returned to the Kent Local Authority by 31st October. You can name as many grammar schools as you like on the CAF provided your child has taken the test. Find out more here.


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When do we get the Kent 11+ test results?

The final offer of a place at one the grammar schools will be sent to you by the local authority on March 2nd, which is National Offer Day.

Due to their popularity, grammar schools in Kent are often oversubscribed. If this happens, admission criteria apply. If your child isn't offered a place, an appeal can be made if your child's primary school refers the case to the appeal panel.


The Kent 11+ Exam Board

The Kent Test is set by the GL exam board and is designed to be challenging; it is aimed at about the top 25% of the ability range. There are three papers, which are all multiple choice - English and Maths (1 hour), Reasoning (1 hour) and Writing (50 minutes). In the initial stages, the writing test will not be marked but may be assessed by the panel if an appeal is required. There are familiarisation booklets available from GL here and here.


Kent Grammar Schools 

The following are the 32 Kent grammar schools for which you must pass the Kent Test to be able to apply for a place:

Barton Court Grammar School (mixed), Canterbury

Borden Grammar School (boys), Sittingbourne

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School, Ramsgate

Cranbrook School (mixed; with boarding), Cranbrook

Dane Court Grammar School (mixed), Margate

Dartford Grammar School (boys)

Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Dover Grammar School for Boys

Dover Grammar School for Girls

Gravesend Grammar School (boys)

Harvey Grammar School (boys)

Highsted Grammar School (girls), Sittingbourne

Highworth Grammar School (girls), Ashford

Invicta Grammar School (girls), Maidstone

The Judd School (boys), Tonbridge

Maidstone Grammar School (boys)

Mayfield Grammar School (girls), Gravesend

The Norton Knatchbull School (boys), Ashford

Oakwood Park Grammar School (boys), Maidstone

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (mixed), Faversham

Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, Canterbury

Sir Roger Manwood's School (mixed), Sandwich

The Skinners' School (boys), Tunbridge Wells

Tonbridge Grammar School (girls)

Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Weald of Kent Grammar School (girls), Tonbridge

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls


Medway, Bexley and Bromley 11+ and Grammar Schools

To apply for grammar schools in these regions, separate registration and tests apply.


The Medway 11+

Advice from the council is to discuss with your child's primary school if the Medway Test is right for them. Your child should be working at or above the expected levels for that age. The Medway Test is set by GL Assessment.

To register, head here


Medway Grammar Schools

Holcombe Grammar School (mixed), Chatham

Chatham Grammar School for Girls

Fort Pitt Grammar School (girls), Chatham

Rainham Mark Grammar School (mixed), Rainham

Rochester Grammar School (girls)

Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School (boys), Rochester


The Bexley 11+

For the London Borough of Bexley, similar registration and testing arrangements apply. The test is set by the CEM exam board. Register here


Bexley Grammar Schools

There are four grammar schools in the region, with a total of approximately 800 places between them:

Beths Grammar School (boys)

Bexley Grammar School (mixed)

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School (mixed)

Townley Grammar School (girls)


Bromley 11+ and Grammar Schools 

There are two grammar schools in the London Borough of Bromley. See admission information here 

St Olave's Grammar School (boys), Orpington

Newstead Wood School (girls), Orpington


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Additional Help

To search for more details about the individual schools, see the Kent County Council Schools Search: 


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