* Essay Writing Competition Entry *

For our exciting ‘My Summer Adventure’ competition, we asked our students to tell us about their summer in an essay. In our 'My Summer Adventure' mini blog post series we share the best essays selected by our English teacher. Read here Jyotsna's (age 13) essay about her trip to Thailand. Well done Jyotsna!

The land of smiles

Thailand, a land of smiles. So peaceful and exotic. 5800 miles away, it was a long journey to my destination. I had no idea who I would meet and what they would be like.

After a long 12 hours and a few episodes of my ears blocking, I finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to get checked out of the stuffy airport and explore the country. The moment I stepped out of the airport it was very hot but I was thankful for the occasional breeze. The sun was painted the sky in brushstrokes of colours. Everyone was so friendly and hospitable. It wasn’t quite as crowded as back home. They showed me around and told me the best places to visit and buy clothes and souvenirs.

By the time it was getting dark, I was worn out and started heading for my hotel. Every once in while, an odd mosquito buzzed passed me which always got on my nerves. At one point, I got lost in some unknown area thanks to my amazing map reading skills. Despite all the frustration, I got there in the end. My hotel room was stunning. Three of my walls had built in aquariums filled with an array of exotic marine animals including blue tangs, sting rays and dolphins.

The 2 weeks went by like a blur. Before I knew it I was packing all of my souvenirs and possessions into my sassy suitcase.  

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