* Essay Writing Competition Entry *

For our exciting ‘My Summer Adventure competition, we asked our students to tell us about their summer in an essay. In our 'My Summer Adventure' mini blog post series we share the best essays selected by our English teacher. Read here Shreya's (age 8) essay about her secret adventure. Well done Shreya!

Shreya’s secret adventure!

I was on my way to watch the Rio Olympics when I saw a strange exotic creature something more like a cute looking chinchilla it was grey and white with some pink and yellow it was so adorable!

I would be late so I had to keep on going and guess what the little creature was following me ,I couldn’t resist leaving it behind so I took it with me to the Rio Olympics I had got another ticket anyway.

When we reached the stadium the little creature was fast asleep I thought that it would wake up by the noise of the opening ceremony so I just put it in a seat next to me

Soon it woke up and looked around, it kept on jumping on its seat, “it’s the Rio Olympics stadium “it squeaked quietly, I didn’t know it could talk English, that's amazing!!Even though I still don't know what it is.

In a few minutes time it had started, the creature looked very interested along with the others,I never knew that animals were so interested in olympics !

The opening ceremony was awesome with the amazing flaming fireworks and a massive parrot in the middle of the stadium, we also watched the Olympic torch get lit and all of it, I have never been to the Olympics before, it was so exciting.

That was a time I would never ever forget!  And for the creature it still lies as a unsolved mystery...

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