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Year 6 Angles Worksheets

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The maths curriculum wouldn’t be complete without angles, and you can be sure your child will start to learn about them sooner rather than later. With our year 6 angles worksheets and other revision resources, you can give your child the extra support they need with activities that are designed to be fun and easy to learn. Perfect for use with a homeschooling programme or as a supplement to a more traditional education, our year 6 angles worksheets help your child deepen their understanding of angles at all levels.

7 Maths Year 6 Angles worksheets available

Our angles worksheets can help your child with other maths topics. A good understanding of year 6 angles can give your child a head start when they’re introduced to angles in other areas, such as angles on a line and in our shape worksheets. From being able to identify simple angles such as right angles and 180 degrees to calculating more difficult angles in order to solve problems, our year 6 angle worksheets teach your child everything they need to know to tackle any angle questions they face. Our team of teachers work hard to create engaging year 6 angles questions, activities and more that are also aligned to the  National Curriculum.


Helping your child progress at their own pace is at the core of our year 6 angles worksheets. We include plenty of activities to help your child consolidate their knowledge before moving on to more challenging concepts and ideas. With worksheets, revision resources and year 6 angles questions and answers, we have everything you need to help your child - try one of our sample free year 6 worksheets today!

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