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Unscramble Context-based Jumbled Words

In this worksheet, students will unscramble a word using the context of a sentence to help them. It will develop students’ vocabulary, comprehension and problem-solving skills.

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'Unscramble Context-based Jumbled Words' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 5 11+ worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Verbal Reasoning

Curriculum subtopic:   Jumbled Words

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

The sneaky word jumbler is back and causing trouble! 

We need to rearrange the jumbled letters into the correct order to create a word. 

In this activity, the jumbled word is in a sentence. 

The rest of the sentence helps us to work out what the word is.


Let’s look at this example:

Amrita gspaedr the handlebars of her bike.

What do we usually do to our handlebars when we are riding a bike?  We hold on tight!  

So we need to think of a word which has a similar meaning to this, but can be built from the jumbled letters. 

The answer is grasped, so the corrected sentence would be:

Amrita grasped the handlebars of her bike.


bicycle bell

Let’s try another:

Jackie spread jam on her breakfast scorntais.

What types of food do we usually eat for breakfast? 

Which of these can be built from the jumbled letters given? 

The correct answer is croissant!



OK detective, it’s now your turn to unscramble words in sentences.


edplace 11+ detective


Here’s a handy hint to help you reach superstar status:

Always try and think of a word that would make sense with the rest of the sentence and see if it has the same letters as our mystery word.


Good luck!

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