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Use Knowledge of Etymology to Help Spell Words 2

In this worksheet, students look at further examples of words with Greek or Latin roots to help them with their spelling.

Worksheet Overview

The etymology of a word is the study of where it came from and how its meaning has changed. If we know the origin of a word and what it used to mean it can help us to understand and spell it.



The English language has a lot of words that originally came from other languages, especially Latin and Greek. For example, the English prefix therm- comes from a Greek word meaning 'heat'. If we know this it helps us to understand and spell words like thermal and thermometer.


Look at the table below. It contains words (or parts of words) that have come from Latin or Greek. They are often used as prefixes and suffixes, and can sometimes be found in the middle of modern words, too. Try to memorise their spellings and what they mean, as you will need them to complete this worksheet.


Greek or Latin word Etymology
graph (Greek) draw or write
photo (Greek) light
spect (Latin) look
dorm (Latin) sleep
tele (Greek) far away

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