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Distinguish Fact and Opinion: Recycling

In this worksheet, students will read an article and practise distinguishing fact from opinion.

'Distinguish Fact and Opinion: Recycling' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Year:  Year 8 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Reading

Curriculum subtopic:   Use Inference and Evidence

Popular topics:   Y8 Reading Comprehension worksheets, Reading Comprehension worksheets, Reading worksheets

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Read this article from a local paper on the topic of recycling.


recycling logo


Are we doing enough?

Despite most people acknowledging that recycling is a key way to protect the planet for future generations, as a country we still only recycle about 20% of our waste. According to some sources, we could recycle up to 60% if we tried hard enough. So why don't we?


Some people argue that collections are not frequent enough. “Our recycling is collected only once a month,” says Mr Penrose. “Within a few days I have filled up the little green box to the brim, so I end up putting recyclable items in the general waste.” When we asked Councillor Markins about this, he replied: “There are three recycling points in the town centre for people to leave their recycling between house collections.” But Mr Penrose is an old man, living outside town. It is too much to expect him to get the bus in just to put some cardboard boxes in the recycling bin!


"I want to be a good citizen,” Mr Penrose explained, “but at the moment, I guess I am just one of those people you class as not doing enough for the environment. It isn't my fault, though.” 9 out of 10 people would recycle more if it was easier to do. This is an issue that the town council need to look at; they say they will discuss it at the next monthly meeting.


Now let's answer some questions on this text.


To read the text again, simply click on the red help button on the screen.

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