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Revise Your Dictionary Skills

In this worksheet, students will study an extract from a dictionary. They will then answer questions that check their understanding of how to use a dictionary.

'Revise Your Dictionary Skills' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Year:  Year 9 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Writing

Curriculum subtopic:   Awareness of Spelling Patterns and Rules

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

a dictionary


This is a page taken from an English dictionary. Read it carefully and then answer the questions in the activity.


Remember that you can look back at this page as often as you want to by clicking on the red help button.


cold adjective (colder, coldest) 1 Not warm, low in temperature. Winter days are short and cold. 2 Unkind, unfeeling. He had cold eyes. coldly adverb, coldness noun.

cold noun (colds) An infection of the nose and throat.

cold-blooded adjective 1 Cruel, without pity. cold-bloodedly adverb. 2 Having blood that changes temperature according to the surroundings. Fish are cold-blooded animals.

coleslaw noun A salad dish made from shredded cabbage.

colic noun Severe pain in the stomach and bowels.

collaborate verb (collaborates, collaborating, collaborated) To work with another person or group on a joint project. collaboration, collaborator nouns.

collage noun (collages) A picture made from scraps of paper or other materials.

collapse verb (collapses, collapsing, collapsed) To fall down or cave in suddenly.

collapsible adjective Capable of being folded up.

collar noun (collars) 1 Part of the clothing that goes round the neck. 2 A band that goes round the neck of an animal.

collect verb (collects, collecting, collected) 1 To gather together, to bring to a central place. Please collect the maths books. 2 To get specimens of things for study or enjoyment. David collects stamps. 3 To come together. A large crowd collected. 4 To fetch. Ruth's father collected her from school. collector, collection nouns.

collide verb (collides, colliding, collided) To crash together. collision noun.

collie noun (collies) A kind of sheep dog.

colliery noun (collieries) A coal mine.

colon noun (colons) The punctuation mark :

colonel noun (colonels) An army officer of higher rank than a major.

colony noun (colonies) 1 A land that has been developed by settlers from another country and is not yet independent. colonial adjective, colonist noun. 2 A group of people, animals, or birds living together.

colossal adjective Huge, giant-like.

colour noun (colours) 1 Any of the different effects of light seen in the appearance of things, such as the different effects in the stripes of a rainbow. Red, yellow, and blue are all colours. 2 The use of colours, not just black and white. The pictures in this book are in colour. colourful, colourless adjectives. 3 The colour of a person's skin. 4 The flag of a ship or regiment.

colour verb (colours, colouring, coloured) 1 To add colour to something. 2 To blush.

colour-blind adjective Unable to see the difference between certain colours.

coloured adjective Having various colours.

colt noun (colts) A young male horse.

column noun (columns) 1 A pillar. 2 Something that is long and narrow. a column of smoke.

coma noun (comas) An unnatural deep sleep.

comb noun (combs) 1 A device for making hair tidy. 2 The red crest on a chicken's head.

comb verb (combs, combing, combed) 1 To tidy hair with a comb. 2 To search thoroughly.

combat noun (combats) A fight, a battle. combatant noun.


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