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Statistics: Interpreting Bar Graphs

In this worksheet, students read and try to understand information on a bar chart.

'Statistics: Interpreting Bar Graphs' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Curriculum topic:   Statistics

Curriculum subtopic:   Interpret and Present Data

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

In this worksheet, understand and read information from a bar chart.



Kirstie timed how long it took her to cycle to the paper shop every day for a month. The results are in the bar chart.


Frequency chart

What was her shortest time for any journey in minutes? How many occasions did she make this journey?

Frequency is a measure of how often something happens as shown on the y-axis. The height of each bar tells us how often Kirstie took that amount of time to complete the journey. The x-axis tells us the amount of time it took to complete the journey.

The first bar shows the journey only took 8 minutes, so 8 minutes was the shortest time.  

Kirstie took this amount of time (8 minutes) on just 1 occasion (height of bar).

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