Here at EdPlace, we want to help your child thrive in and outside of the classroom all whilst having a bit of fun. The summer holidays gives your child some well earned time to rest and recoup after the previous academic year. Which is great because downtime is important; it helps us bounce back even better when the new year starts in September. As parents ourselves, we know it can be a challenge to fill the entire holidays with fun activities for students, especially if they love the outdoors and we’re at the mercy of the variable British summer weather! So we’ve created a 6 week outdoor activity list for the summer holidays. 

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EdPlace summer camp

Keep learning come rain or shine with these fun-filled activities





Week 1

Bug hunt

Names in Nature Bargains galore
Week 2

Let's get active

Summer Sleuthing Force of nature
Week 3

Shapes in your surroundings

Olympic madness Chromotography
Week 4

Pirate treasure hunt

The human body The human body
Week 5

Names in nature

Become a weather wizard Summer Sleuthing
Week 6

Become a weather wizard

Fun with measuring Olympic Madness


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