EdPlace's Year 3 and 4 Home Learning: Names in Nature

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Now...onto the lesson!

Team up with your child to help them practice their spelling 


Treasure hunts never go out of fashion, who doesn’t like finding treasure? 

Why not either compete with your child or team up with them to find flowers, grasses, twigs, sticks, stones, shells or anything really that you can fashion letters out of.

Here’s what you need for our Names in Nature activity; 

• Coloured sheets of card or paper 

• Glue 

• Felt tip pens 

• Collection of natural objects; bark, sticks, flowers, grass, stones, etc. 

• Basket or bucket for collection purposes 


Let's Get Started!

 1. First, make a list of the words you want to find. Depending on the age of your child, you could start with one word or list 5 or 10. Depending on age, you could stick to family members names, challenge your child to come up with a list of adjectives or verbs linked to the outdoors or use the suggested spelling lists we have supplied below 

2. Use a bucket or basket to collect suitable natural items from your garden or local park. 

3. Use felt tips and glue to enhance your letters and make a beautiful display of words, or draw a picture of the object next to the word. Not only will this look great, but will also aesthetically help your child to remember how to read and spell the given words, setting them up beautifully for their next year in school. 

4. Make sure you let it dry before hanging your picture in pride of place! 


Supporting EdPlace Activities:

Now, we've covered this together why not assign your child the following 5 activities in this order to see how much they've grasped? 

All activities are created by teachers and automatically marked. Plus, with an EdPlace subscription, we can automatically progress your child at a level that's right for them. Sending you progress reports along the way so you can track and measure progress, together - brilliant!

Activity 1 - Spelling- Chapter 1

Activity 2 - Spelling: U or OU

Activity 3 - Identify Spelling Patterns


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