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Infer Emotions From a Photo

In this worksheet, students will infer emotions from various photos.

'Infer Emotions From a Photo' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 4 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Reading: Comprehension

Curriculum subtopic:   Draw Inferences About Texts

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

In this activity, we are going to be using our inference skills to answer questions about a photo.


Inference is where we use clues and evidence to help us make a decision.

Sometimes, in a story or a photo, you may need to infer how a character is feeling.


Look at the photo below.


boy having his temperature checked


How is the boy feeling?

What is in the boy’s ear?


Did you use the clues in the photo to help you here?

We can infer that the boy is feeling unwell because he is having his temperature taken.


Look at the image below.


range of emotions


Which emotions is the woman feeling in each picture?

Can you see when she is happy?

What about when she is sad?


Can you see which picture she is feeling the following emotions in?






To answer these questions, we used clues from the woman’s face to help us.


She looks down and frowns when she is sad.

Her eyebrows are raised when she is surprised and scared.

She smiles when she is happy.


happy girl


In this activity, we will be using our inference skills to infer how someone from a photo is feeling.


So, let's think like a detective and use clues in the photos to help us!


a detective with a magnifying glass

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