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Explore Word Meaning in a Story

In this worksheet, students will discuss the meanings of words from a story.

' Explore Word Meaning in a Story' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 4 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Reading: Comprehension

Curriculum subtopic:   Discuss Words and Phrases

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Read the sentence below:


Riley served the searing sausages from the barbecue for dinner.


a campfire


What does the word searing mean in this sentence?

We may not be familiar with the word searing but clues in the rest of the sentence tell us that searing means hot. Food from the barbecue is often sizzling and hot.


Can you think of any other words meaning the same as searing and hot?

How about boiling and roasting?


These are called synonyms as they mean the same.


girl thinking


Read the story below.

In this activity, we will be answering questions about the meaning of words in this story.

We need to read it carefully and think about the word meanings before we begin.


Goat on the loose! 

After devouring her delicious breakfast, Ivy excitedly put on her wellies and puddle suit. She wanted to be ready to leave when her dad arrived. He hadn’t treated her to a trip to Daisy’s Farm for over a year now and she couldn’t wait to return. As she hurriedly grabbed her backpack, she wondered whether they would have any piglets this year. They made the sweetest little squeaking noises when she saw them last time.

The ding-dong of the doorbell echoed around the house as Ivy leapt towards the front door. ‘Don’t answer the door until you’ve checked you know who’s behind it!’ Ivy’s mum ordered from the kitchen.

‘Dad’s here, dad’s here!’ She repeated enthusiastically whilst bouncing on the spot.

‘You can open the door then,’ her stepdad said. Ivy had already opened the door and hugged her dad before her stepdad could even finish his sentence.

Looking out of the car window at the grassy, green fields of Yorkshire, Ivy thought about all the animals she was going to see. Her dad had nursery rhymes blasting in the car and he made funny animal noises while he drove. He always knew how to make Ivy laugh.

When they got to the farm, they paid for their tickets and put their wristbands on. “Let’s buy some animal feed and go to see the goats,” Ivy’s dad suggested. They walked on a grassy path between the sheep pen and the Golden Guernsey goats. The goats’ fur was as golden as the sun and they had large, curious eyes.

Holding her hand steady to feed one of the Golden Guernsey goats, Ivy giggled as the goat’s bumpy tongue licked the food off her hand. It really tickled! Another jealous golden goat came running towards the fence as he really wanted Ivy’s farm food. He was so hungry he used his front hooves to climb half way up the fence to get as close to her as possible.



Suddenly, Matt and Ivy could hear the sound of a tractor’s engine behind them. It was farmer Daisy doing her rounds and checking up on all the animals. When she looked inside the Golden Guernsey goat pen, she saw that two mischievous pygmy goats from the pen next door had managed to sneak in. Farmer Daisy opened the gate to the Golden Guernseys' pen and went in to try and catch the pygmy goats.

The pygmy goats moved rapidly and kept sprinting away from farmer Daisy. Every time she got close, they ran in opposite directions to fool her. As she turned around, she saw that one of the goats had managed to get back into its own pen. There must be a hole in this fence somewhere, she thought. Farmer Daisy decided that running after the goats wasn’t working and she needed to sneak up behind them.

‘Look dad!’ Ivy suddenly shouted, pointing at the gate farmer Daisy had left open, ‘That golden goat is about to escape!’

Ivy’s dad was about to shout and tell farmer Daisy but it was too late. The goat was on its way out!

Looks like it was Ivy and Matt to the rescue!


pygmy goat


Let's try some questions now.

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