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Reading Non-Fiction: Australia

Worksheet Overview

Read these two texts and answer the following questions. You can look at the text at any point by pressing the 'Help' button.


Text one:

Giant Croc eats man's arm



The whopping 5 metre long killer reptile was yesterday finally caught after a two week long hunt. It had originally been in hiding after severing a man's arm as it tried to kill and eat him, near to his home in Australia's Northern Territories. “It's a real shame it had to come to this,” said Mike, 45, "but it is clearly a dangerous animal and if it did this to me, imagine what it could do to a small child." The area is notorious for venomous snakes, huge spiders and, of course, hungry crocs, but most of the locals take the threat of such neighbours in their stride: “I'm not really worried,” Mike's wife Sue added. “We've lived here for generations and Mike is the first person I know to get hurt. He probably shouldn't have gone fishing in the swamp."



Text two:

Northern Australia: beauty at its best



This two-week luxury tour of Australia's Northern Territories includes famous sites such as Alice Springs, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the tropical swamplands to the north. You will be travelling by Jeep with your personal tour guide, a friendly and knowledgeable native Australian, and staying in the best five-star accommodation on offer. We know you have a spirit of adventure; so don't think that we're going to keep you in your luxury hotel, though! You will have every opportunity to fully explore the terrain of our beautiful country, before retiring to comfort in the evenings.

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