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Reading Non-Fiction: Dogs and Cats

Worksheet Overview

Read the following text:




Eastsea Cats and Dogs Shelter - An Urgent Appeal



For over 30 years, we have been working at the centre of Eastsea and the surrounding area to provide care for unwanted, neglected or unloved pets. Our team of compassionate professionals are on hand whenever the animals need them, including an on-call member of staff at all times. We never put a healthy dog or cat down. This is has been our main promise over the years, and it is one which we still stand by. However, all of this care, food and shelter cost money. Money which is currently running out.


Due to the recession and lower donations from our patrons, coupled with higher rent and bills at the centre, we are struggling financially. This is already having an impact on some of our friends: Millie is a 6 year old black Labrador. She needs medication for a heart murmur which we cannot afford. We hope she will make it to 7 years of age, but without the pills, the vet is doubtful. Or take Oliver, a 15 year old tabby cat. He is getting old now, but is very affectionate and would love lots of attention. We do what we can for him, but our staff are so busy, he sometimes has to get by with only one cuddle a day.


What you can do to help:


- Donate a one-off sum of money. This would be a great help, and every little counts, but it would be much better is you could;
- Commit to donating a small amount each month. Even £2 would help with food costs.
- Sponsored fund-raising. If you feel passionate about our cause, please consider taking on a challenge and asking friends and family to sponsor you.
- Volunteer at the centre. Even two hours a week playing with the puppies or kittens would free up our staff to do the essential jobs like cleaning the units.
- Spread the word. Share our website with your friends on social media sites: www.eastsea.org.uk


On behalf of all of us here,

Thank you





Now answer the following questions. If you need to read the text again, you can look at it by clicking on the Help button.

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