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Test Thermal Conductors

In this worksheet, students will apply their knowledge of thermal conductors to investigate how heat moves.

'Test Thermal Conductors' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 5 Science worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Properties and Changes of Materials

Curriculum subtopic:   Testing Everyday Materials

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Heat is massively important to us - both in good ways and in bad.


We use heat energy to heat our homes and cook our food.

We choose materials which allow heat to travel quickly and easily for these jobs - that makes those sorts of materials good thermal conductors.


Radiator Frying pan


Think about frying an egg - heat from the electric or gas ring travels through the pan to the egg.

Now think about heating the room you're in -  heat from the oil or water travels through the metal radiator into the air in the room.


Well, with that sort of thinking in mind, let's join young scientists Alfred and Ruby as they investigate thermal conductors and the science of heat transfer.


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