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Revise Scientific Investigations - What's Your Conclusion?

In this worksheet, students will be challenged to look objectively at what conclusions are, to make their own conclusions and to improve their investigations.

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'Revise Scientific Investigations - What's Your Conclusion? ' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 6 Science worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Exam-Style Questions: SATs Science

Curriculum subtopic:   Exam-Style Questions: Concluding

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

As you know, scientific investigations are lots of fun, but they're serious stuff too - it's the only way to answer certain questions, ones that you cannot simply look up online or ask someone the answer to. Of course, investigations involve doing things, sometimes they take place in the classroom and beyond, rather than on a piece of paper.

However, to make your investigations awesome, it's really important that you nail the steps needed to get it planned, carried out and reported on. That's why your EdPlace team are burning the midnight oil to make sure you are in the best place when it comes to carrying out your own investigations.


So, this is the second activity focusing on how to work out what your investigation has told you - your conclusion.

What have you found out?

Does it match your predictions?

Has your hypothesis been proved or disproved?

Could you have made the investigation better?


Mrs. Bates's Y3 class have been investigating what sort of conditions cress seeds germinate best in. At the start, the class discussed their ideas and hypothesised that the seeds would need water, soil and light in order to germinate. Let's see what they found out...


Cress seeds



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