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Are you home educating or looking to give your child's learning a boost outside the classroom? We’ve put together a 6-week suggested guide to help support home learning for your Year 4 child should you need it.  

All of the resources are free to use on our website, automatically marked and are created to enable your child to work independently, so you can focus on your own tasks while they're learning - win, win! All activities are created by fully qualified teachers with 5 or more years of classroom experience and aligned to the National Curriculum so you can have confidence that the work you set is in line with what they'd be studying in school. 

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EdPlace's 6-week Year 4 home learning guide

How to assign these lessons to your child:

1. Click on a lesson topic title in week 1-6 within each subject column below

2. Login to your parent account

3. Assign the lesson to your child





Find your starting point...

We’d recommend your child completes our back-to-school assessments to identify areas of strength and areas of the National Curriculum that would benefit from further focus.  

Save the report, you’ll want to review the progress at the end of the half term.

Week 1

First assessment

First assessment First assessment

Off we go!

Using your child’s summary reports you can identify an area for focus in each subject over the next 5 weeks to support your children in their learning while schools are closed.  

Why not set a target for each subject and work through our activities to help consolidate understanding? You can use our weekly planner below to create a tailored learning guide.

 In addition, we’ve also provided you with a weekly lesson from our teachers and 5 recommended activities to supplement their learning.

Week 2

Fronted Adverbials and Commas

Roman Numerals Food Chains
Week 3


Factors Digestion
Week 4


Area Sound
Week 5



Water Cycle

Show what you know…

After your child has completed their personalised learning guide, why not give the assessment another go to see the progress they’ve made.

Week 6 Final assessment Final assessment Final assessment


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