In celebration of Darwin Day on 12th February, we have collected the most amazing facts about evolution to share with your children. You can also improve their Science knowledge with our interactive worksheets and have fun learning about birds, mammals or dinosaurs. Enjoy and be curious!

  1. The first animal to ‘walk’ on land was, in fact, a fish! Well, it didn’t really walk because it didn’t have legs (and it was more of a sponge or jellyfish, than a fish!). Why they did it, we don’t know, but they stayed and survived, and then evolved into all of the other species that live on land today.


2. Dragonflies existed before dinosaurs – they used to rule the skies.

3. After the dinosaurs came… birds! Yes, really! And these days the closest living relative of birds is the crocodile – SNAP SNAP!

4. If dinosaurs hadn’t become extinct, we wouldn’t be here! Without dinosaurs, that had dominated the earth for so long, mammals were finally able to adapt, change and increase in numbers.

5. All humans develop a tail when we are growing inside our mums (this is not a joke! – the tail dissolves before we are born). It’s a leftover from our ancestors: the apes.


Birthday cake with white and red icing

CELEBRATE DARWIN DAY on 12th February (Charles Darwin’s birthday) – A global celebration of science and reason.

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Written by Susie Page