Here's 4 ways to get your kids involved 

Let's celebrate science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) from the 10-19 March! The British Science Association is coordinating hundreds of events across the UK with activities, competitions and ways for you to get involved. This year's theme is all about 'change', encouraging children to learn about the changes in the world around us that can have a positive or negative impact on the future. This includes changes in climate, seasons, energy and materials.

What a great opportunity to get your children connected with science at home and with the family. Here are few ideas we think are absolutely stellar!

1. Attend an event

Find a science event near you during British Science Week. From building a roaring rockets to experiments based on Roald Dahl's book George's Marvelous Medicine at Waterstones and slap stick science silent show there's bound to be an event for everyone!

2. Do a science demo

Whether it's science in the kitchen or garden, we love a bit of home experimenting! Here's a couple of our favourites. Why not try these at home?

Adventures in the Garden


Make your own red cabbage indicator


3. Enter the British Science Week poster competition

Enter this year's British Science Association's poster competition. The theme is all about 'change'. Get your inspiration and find out how to enter here. The deadline to enter is the 21st April 2017 at 6pm. Don't forget to share your poster designs with us on Facebook and Twitter!


4. Fun (and educational) activities for kids of all ages

We've got loads of fun and fantastic educational tutorial science worksheets to keep your child busy all week!

Explore our science worksheets. Track and measure progress within your EdPlace account.

Year 1 Science Worksheets

Year 2 Science Worksheets

Year 3 Science Worksheets  

Year 4 Science Worksheets

Year 5 Science Worksheets

Year 6 Science Worksheets

Year 7 Science Worksheets

Year 8 Science Worksheets

Year 9 Science Worksheets

Year 10 Science Worksheets

Year 11 Science Worksheets 

Plus, be sure to check out the activity packs available for British Science Week 2017.