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Year 9 Biology Worksheets

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Our year 9 biology worksheets are both a challenging and fun way for students to tackle the subject as they approach their GCSEs. They get to understand more advanced aspects than they previously have while being a little practical and getting hands-on in a few aspects. Whilst our year 7 biology worksheets and year 8 biology worksheets acted as an introduction to everything in the biological world, our year 9 biology worksheet selection begins to teach the subject in more depth and detail. We cover a wide range of topics in our year 9 biology test resources, such as human biology, nutrition, and many different facets of the animal and plant world. Any student looking to understand the nature of the world around them, (with extra support for more complicated year 9 biology topics,) will enjoy learning with our revision materials!

Learn about year 9 biology

Our biology worksheets are designed with year 1 to year 9 biology revision in mind as your child will have a lot of content they’ll need to cover and remember this year. With our resources completable online or in PDF format, our year 9 biology worksheets and test papers are easily accessible for both online and offline use. We also have past papers for those looking to understand what might be ahead of them during their final exams, with all of our resources designed to be both challenging and gripping - allowing children to learn at a steady pace that works for them.

Within overall health, your child should be able to complete worksheets on drugs and the effect they have on the body, as well as smoking and the subsequent effects it has. The effects of alcohol on the body are also discussed. Year 9 biology students are taught about a healthy diet and what constitutes a balance within the nutrition and digestion topics. They’ll also learn about fitness and using the energy we create. There’s also an introduction to horticulture and what keeps everything ticking over in the plant world as they learn how fertilisers help plants.


Our year 9 biology revision also helps your child learn about photosynthesis, the importance of green plants and the role of the leaf in the process of photosynthesis. Biodiversity is worked on throughout our year 9 biology worksheets, as well as pollution and the environment as a whole. Reproduction is another year 9 biology topic that your child should start to get a grasp of. They’ll learn how to identify the parts of a flower involved in reproduction, as well as understand seed and fruit formation and dispersal. Students should also be able to use resources on how best to understand wind and insect pollination fertilisation.

All of our year 9 biology test papers and other resources are designed to help students gradually pick up each topic over time. They’re easy to use and should help your child to compliment their in school learning or brush up on anything they’re not too sure of!

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