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Explore Characters in a Text Using Inference Skills

In this worksheet, students will use their inference skills to learn about the characters in a piece of writing.

'Explore Characters in a Text Using Inference Skills' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Year:  Year 7 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Reading

Curriculum subtopic:   Use Inference and Evidence

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

In this activity, we will be reading a fictional extract and using our inference skills to see what we can learn about the characters.


Read the following extract:


Jenna‘s favourite part of the week was counting the tips and sharing them with the staff. Her days were filled with serving coffee and meals to the regulars who filled up the tables and bar stools by the counter. Every day was the same. The same customers, the same orders. Until he walked in.


coffee cup


He was a tall, dark and handsome man, with a charming smile that made Jenna's heart skip a beat. He sat down at the bar and ordered a cup of coffee. Jenna couldn't help but notice how he was dressed in a suit and tie, unlike the other customers who came in wearing jeans and t-shirts. Jenna was drawn to him, and she couldn't stop herself from sneaking glances his way while she served the other customers. She found herself making excuses to walk by his seat, just to catch a whiff of his aftershave.


As the morning went on, Jenna found herself becoming more and more intrigued by the stranger at the bar. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen him before but couldn't quite place where.


Finally, when he finished his coffee, he asked for the bill. Jenna felt a pang of disappointment, realizing that he was leaving. But just as she handed him the bill, he looked up and smiled at her.

Fireworks went off in her stomach.


“You don’t remember me do you?” he said.




Now we've read it, let's have a go at the questions.

We can look back at the extract at any point by clicking on the red help button on the screen.


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