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Volume of a Cone

In this worksheet students will learn the formula for finding the volume of a cone and be able to apply it.

'Volume of a Cone' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 4

GCSE Subjects:   Maths

GCSE Boards:   AQA, Eduqas, Pearson Edexcel, OCR,

Curriculum topic:   Geometry and Measures, Mensuration

Curriculum subtopic:   Mensuration and Calculation Volume and Surface Area Calculations

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview



I scream cone

Come on its not that bad, I thought it was mildly amusing anyway

We all like an ice cream cone, the bigger the better I say.




To find out how much ice cream we can get into a cone so that it is level with the top we need to work out the volume.

As ever with shape questions, there is a formula to help us.




It can be a bother having to learn so many formulas, but let us look at this closely.


A cone has a circular shape so the formula for finding an area of a circle is in it.  pi x radius x radius


Now we want to cram as much ice cream into this cone as possible so we are very interested in its height.


So far we have pi x radius² x height. This just leaves us with the first part of the formula to learn which is 1/3.

The way I remember this is that there are things to do already, I just have to remember more. 


How many other examples of a cone can you think of?




When working with volume of more complex shapes, use the  button on your calculator because it will use to so many decimal places.  If you use 3.142 or 3.14 answers may differ slightly.


Let's get started



Find the volume of this cone.


Just beware of a few things to look out for.


Sometimes you are given the diameter of the cone, remember to halve it to get the radius.


Sometimes you are given two heights, a slanted height and a vertical height. You always work with the vertical height when finding the volume.


Volume is always measured in units³.


The beauty of this is just put the whole thing into your calculator in one go.

1 ÷ 3 x Π x 3²  (or 3 x 3) x 11= 103.67 cm²  rounded to 2 decimal places (2 d.p)


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