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Compare Seasons Using Simple Weather Data

In this worksheet, students will use weather information in a table to support their knowledge and help them to compare the seasons.

'Compare Seasons Using Simple Weather Data' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 1

Year:  Year 1 Science worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Seasonal Changes

Curriculum subtopic:   Weather, Seasons and Day Length

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Hey Gupta, what’s your favourite season?


young girl reading

"I love summer because the days are long and sunny!"


sunny day bike field

Nick, what’s your favourite season?


little boy reading

"I can’t pick! I like autumn and winter because I get to wear my favourite wellingtons and jump in puddles!"


red rain boots jumping in puddle


All the seasons are different, but there are some similarities with them too - this means things that are the same.

For example, both spring and summer are warmer seasons.

Both autumn and winter have lots of rainfall.


Some differences (things that are not the same) are: only in winter do we get snow and only in autumn do the leaves fall off the trees.


season wheel


Use these facts below to help you compare the seasons in this activity!


Season Months Temperature Weather Rainfall


March, April, May Warmer less than 15 degrees Sun and rain  20 mm of rain


June, July, August Warmest greater than 20 degrees Lots of sun, little rain  5 mm of rain
Autumn September, October, November Cooler less than 12 degrees Less sun, more rain  40 mm of rain


December, January, February  Coldest less than 5 degrees Little sun, lots of rain (and sometimes snow!)  75 mm of rain


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