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English worksheets

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English worksheets, interactive activities and online practice questions and tests are the perfect learning resource to help children of any age to deepen their understanding of the English curriculum. EdPlace’s resources are aligned to the National Curriculum and GCSE exam boards, so you can be sure your child will learn the breadth and depth of content needed; with Key Stage 1 English worksheets, Key Stage 2 English worksheets and Key Stage 3 English worksheets, our English resources are perfect to support learning outside of the classroom or as a homeschooling resource.

English worksheets by year group

How can English worksheets help?



English worksheets help children improve their knowledge and understanding while also building their confidence in new English topics. Our primary English resources and secondary English resources support learners in improving their confidence as well as their knowledge - we’re here to help your child thrive academically, and beyond.


We don’t underestimate the power of variety when it comes to teaching in an effective way, which is why we provide multiple types of learning resources to fit different needs. Our  interactive online English activities, English questions with answers, practice English test resources and English assessments keep your child engaged and make learning fun! Ensuring students are engaged and enjoying their learning is our number one priority, and our teacher explanations, diagrams and interactive elements all help to bring our English resources to life.

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Activities for all English topics



Whichever English topic your child needs support in, you’ll find it in our English resources - we cover the full breadth of the National Curriculum and offer a range of levels of challenge for each topic. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our alphabet worksheets, reading worksheets or phonics worksheets for younger children, or for children later on in their journey, browse our reading comprehension worksheets, preposition worksheets and sentence structure worksheets.


No matter where your child is at in their educational journey, we have you covered. From year 1 English worksheets and year 2 English worksheets to key stage 3 with year 8 English worksheets and year 9 English worksheets or for those beginning their GCSE revision journey, our English activities are the ideal learning resource. Created by our team of qualified teachers, our English worksheets include short topic tests, English assessments, English practice questions and examination papers to suit the needs of every learner. Our activities gradually develop your child’s understanding, laying solid foundations before helping them consolidate and approach new topics at their own pace.

English worksheets by key stage

Lesson planning & English revision 



With our English resources covering the full English National Curriculum, you can choose how best to support your child in their learning. Why not use our English worksheets for your lesson planning to deliver structured sessions to your child, pick out individual topics they’re struggling with or use our English test resources as a basis for benchmarking their progress in an English revision session? Useful for parents, home-educators, teachers and schools alike, our English questions and activities for students are the ideal learning resource for SATs revision, GCSES and every year in between!


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