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KS2 English worksheets

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As your child transitions from KS1 English into KS2 English, we know it can feel like a big milestone! With our range of specially designed KS2 English worksheets, setting your child up for success is easy, giving them all the tools they need to develop their knowledge. Aligned to the UK English KS2 National Curriculum, our Key Stage 2 English worksheets, interactive activities, practice tests and other resources can help your child improve their understanding and prepare for their SATs. Ranging from year 3 English worksheets to year 6 English worksheets, KS2 English worksheets are perfect for students at the start of their journey or approaching the end of Key Stage 2!

KS2 English worksheets by year group

How can Key Stage 2 English worksheets help?



Giving your child a helping hand with the KS2 English curriculum is no bad thing, and with our Key Stage 2 English worksheets, it’s never been easier to help students develop their understanding! Created by our team of UK teachers and implementing suggestions from parents and educational professionals, we regularly review and update our KS2 English worksheets to keep students engaged! Complimenting traditional worksheet content with KS2 English revision, KS2 English questions, practice tests and other interactive resources, we keep learning new content enjoyable and approachable.

Our online KS2 English worksheets promote fun learning and achievable goals to make the KS2 English curriculum inclusive for all students. By introducing new content at a gradual pace, we make sure your child has an opportunity to consolidate their learning before moving on to new concepts and ideas - perfect to support a homeschooling programme or helping hand outside of the classroom!

Popular KS2 English activities

Activities for all KS2 English topics



One of the best things about our English worksheets is that you can use them to support any style of learning, whether you’re looking for support on a specific topic or want your child to approach the KS2 English curriculum from the beginning. We have KS2 English resources to cover all the important topics, making sure we cover the whole curriculum; with nouns worksheets, verb worksheets, reading comprehension worksheets, spelling worksheets, reading worksheets and many more!

Lesson planning & KS2 English revision 



Although our KS2 English worksheets are used and loved by thousands of parents around the country, we’re also used by teachers and schools to help deliver the best standard of education possible; ideal to be used as a lesson planning tool, fun activity or revision resource, our KS2 English worksheets are perfect for all children and learners! We take pride in making learning enjoyable for all students, and we also help teachers and parents see measurable improvements in their child’s understanding of Key Stage 2 English topics and ideas.

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