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Year 7 Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Our year 7 reading comprehension worksheets allow students to begin exploring short poems, classical, and contemporary texts. They’ll learn that different authors may have different styles and tones of voice, and they’ll also be able to compare texts by the same author. Our reading comprehension worksheets have been designed to solidify this learning and expose a young learner to various writing styles, including fiction and non-fiction writing. Shakespeare is introduced, and students should begin to understand that language may differ depending on the author and the time it was written. Learning is enhanced by encouraging them to read widely and use the context to infer the meaning of more complex words, allowing them to build their vocabulary throughout the year.

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Learn about year 7 reading comprehension

As they progress through school, your child will be introduced to year 7 reading comprehension worksheets and other English worksheets. They should be capable of reading more complicated texts alone and with support, such as simple Shakespeare extracts as well as other texts. Your child should be starting to understand the different impacts certain words, when chosen, can have on a reader.

A year 7 student should understand the basic building blocks of grammar and how it can help readers interpret different styles of text. For example, punctuation may be used in a descriptive poem, or to signify a character’s voice within a story. Our year 7 English Comprehension worksheets can help to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding of a variety of texts. Worksheets in this section are designed to demonstrate that your child has a firm grasp of short texts and can discern meaning through close reading. In year 7, students should learn how authors can create different atmospheres, settings, or characters through the words they use, and that different texts should be compared with this in mind.


Our year 7 reading comprehension worksheet selection should help teach your child how to read poems, and how poetry uses words to convey meaning. Classical writers such as William Shakespeare will be introduced to learners and your child will be given short extracts to analyse and, with guidance, be encouraged to understand how an author may build a picture using literary devices, such as building anticipation or using description to convey a character`s personality.

In year 7, your child should be encouraged to look at texts in the context of an author`s body of work and learn that different authors may write many novels, plays, or poems on different topics and themes. They’ll also be encouraged to differentiate between fact and opinion within texts. They should also gain a better understanding of a story and other texts by understanding its historical context.


Our year 7 English comprehension worksheets should also help your child develop their understanding of a text and how an author might create emotional reactions through their choice of words or other simple literary devices. They’ll be encouraged to read more complex texts, and to figure out the meaning by inferring through subtext and surrounding evidence that might support a simple argument in a short section of work. Using the clues found by reading around complex phrases, year 7 students should build their vocabulary by discerning the meaning of unfamiliar words., something that`s developed further in our year 8 reading comprehension worksheets.

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