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Enjoy some fresh air and the wonders of the nature this February half term! Here is our round-up of Britain’s best events and activities – inspired by Darwin Day.


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Comparing Plants

Do You Know Your Plants?

Describing the Plants Around Us 

Animal Body Part Names

Comparing Animals

Different Habitats

Animals in our Local Environment

Growing Plants from Seeds

Growing Up 1

Animals and Their Babies

Looking at Skeletons

Growing Plants for Food

Growing Seeds

Investigating Plant Growth

The Human Skeleton

Grouping Invertebrates 1

Food Chains 1

Food Chains 2

Animals in the Local Environment

Animal Adaptations to Habitats

Life Cycles and the Four Seasons

Life Cycles: Extreme Cycling!

Life Cycles: The Penguin and the Cheetah

Animal Ears

Characteristics of Living Things

How are Plants Adapted to Suit Their Environment?

Microbes are Different

Differences Between Us

Do Habitats Change Every Day?

Feeding Relationships

Information from Food Webs

How Organisms Grow

Investigating Variation

Feeding Relationships

Growing Plants

Cellular Respiration

Bacteria in the Human Digestive System

What Happens in the Lungs?

How Fertilisers Help Plants

The Importance of Green Plants

The Role of the Leaf in Photosynthesis

Microorganisms and Decay

Evolution and Survival


Variation and the Role of Reproduction

Hormonnes and Hoeostatis

The Nervous System


Transport Systems


Distribution of Organisms

Minerals, Decay and Farming