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Nouns Worksheets

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We use nouns and proper nouns everyday when addressing places and people, making them an integral part of the English language. Helping your child through our nouns worksheets can give them a better understanding of what nouns are, and how to use them in day to day conversations. Our nouns worksheets start in KS1 and work all the way up to KS3, gradually increasing in complexity to help your child slowly and sustainably improve their knowledge of nouns. By varying the types of activities your child completes, you can help to keep them engaged and interested in the worksheets and can also help for the information to solidify easier.

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Your child will use nouns for the rest of their life - not only are they useful to successfully communicate with others, they can also improve writing skills and reading comprehension. All of our English worksheets have been designed by teachers, completely aligned with the National Curriculum, and can be used either as a homeschooling resource or extra curricular aid. Help your child with their understanding of nouns and try one of our sample free nouns worksheets today.

Many of the basics are covered in our Key Stage 1 nouns worksheets. Knowing the difference between singular and plural nouns, understanding capitalisation for proper nouns and adding suffixes to nouns are topics first covered in our year 1 nouns worksheets. By the time your child moves onto year 2 nouns worksheets, they’ll start to learn about pluralising nouns ending in y and being able to correctly identify nouns within sentences. They should also begin to be able to spell nouns that end in vowels.


Our year 3 nouns worksheets start to focus on identifying the differences between nouns and pronouns, and recognising and spelling irregular plurals. They should also be able to identify singular and plural nouns, and collective noun worksheets will be introduced.


Year 4 nouns worksheets help to develop your child’s understanding of suffixes, and teaches them how to turn adjectives into nouns. In our year 6 nouns worksheets, they will further develop their knowledge of recognising noun types.

By the time your child reaches our Key Stage 3 nouns worksheets, they should have a good understanding of nouns and how they’re used in different ways. Both our year 8 nouns worksheets and year 9 nouns worksheets are focussed mainly on consolidation of previous worksheets, and revising nouns as a whole to make sure your child has a solid understanding.

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