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Reading Comprehension worksheets

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Our range of reading comprehension worksheets can help to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding of this crucial skill. English comprehension is something that your child will use throughout their whole life, both in school and in everyday life. All of our English worksheets have been developed in line with the National Curriculum to ensure that your child is learning everything they need to, either as a supplementary resource with their school education, or as an independent learning resource. Starting at Key Stage 1 and going all the way up to Key Stage 3, our online reading comprehension questions, activities, tests and other resources are perfect to take your child through the subject from its foundations to a more complex understanding.

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Why is reading comprehension important? ic_resources


We make learning as motivating as possible, with varied reading comprehension activities to make sure your child stays interested and solidifies their knowledge at the same time. By introducing new topics at a gradual pace, your child can learn about more challenging ideas without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information. When used in combination with some of our other resources, including our grammar worksheets and adjective worksheets, your child can understand every aspect of English comprehension that they’ll use for years to come.


Key stage 1 - key stage 2 reading comprehension worksheets ic_resources


Key Stage 1 reading comprehension worksheets focus on the most basic aspects of comprehension and lay the foundation for more detailed understanding as your child progresses. Our year 1 reading comprehension worksheets tackle grapheme & phonological awareness, listening to and basic discussion of texts, and inferring meaning from simple texts. Moving into our year 2 reading comprehension worksheets, your child should start to be able to decode words and clarify meaning, as well as gain an understanding of sequence within texts.


Key Stage 2 reading comprehension worksheets should introduce a wider range of texts, and encourage a deeper level of inference surrounding texts and their meaning. This is the main focus of both our year 3 reading comprehension worksheets and year 4 reading comprehension worksheets, with students asked to discuss the meaning of both individual words and phrases as well as the text as a whole.


When you move on to year 5 reading comprehension worksheets and year 6 reading comprehension worksheets, your child should start to be able to identify more technical aspects of texts they read. Identifying overarching themes, being aware of the structure and purpose of a text and distinguishing facts from opinions in the texts they read is an important stepping stone to higher levels of English comprehension.


Key stage 3 reading comprehension worksheets ic_resources


Moving onto Key Stage 3 reading comprehension worksheets introduces another level to the subject - making critical comparisons between different texts and having a closer awareness of the set, plot and characters feature quite heavily. Our year 7 reading comprehension worksheets encourage students to read an even wider range and type of texts, and our year 8 reading comprehension worksheets compound this by recapping on inferring meaning from these texts, and comparing them to each other. Year 9 reading comprehension worksheets solidify this knowledge with more examples to ensure readers can confidently and independently understand a variety of texts from different angles.

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