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Year 6 Year 9 Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Our range of year 6 reading comprehension worksheets are perfect if your child needs a little bit of additional support outside of the classroom, or as an independent resource to learn from scratch. Reading comprehension worksheets are one of the best ways to develop knowledge and understanding; this topic is one of the most important to learn, used both within and outside of an educational setting. Our year 6 reading comprehension worksheets are designed to be easily digestible and approachable, keeping your child interested and engaged in the subject - which we know is easier said than done!

Learn about year 6 reading comprehension

Building a solid foundation for year 7 reading comprehension, these worksheets cover the breadth of the National Curriculum, so you can be sure that your child is learning everything they need to know as they continue to expand their knowledge. By teaching important concepts and information in a gradual way, we help to solidify their knowledge for the long term and incorporate recaps and revision to make sure that important topics aren’t forgotten as they learn new information. When used in combination with our other year 6 English worksheets and resources, such as our grammar worksheets and writing worksheets, our year 6 English comprehension can help your child gain a better overall understanding of English and improve their literacy skills.

Our year 6 English comprehension worksheets encourage your child to read texts with the wider structure and purpose of the piece in mind. Through close reading, your child should be able to identify and discuss how authors use language and different techniques to achieve certain effects on the reader. By exploring meaning, drawing inferences from texts and summarising the main themes of a text, your child should be able to gain a deeper understanding of the texts they read.

Our year 6 reading comprehension worksheets with answers are available to complete both online and printable in PDF format so you can work with them however is best for you! They encourage your child to start reading a wider variety of texts in different genres and comparing them with each other to develop their understanding further. We also have a variety of year 6 reading comprehension practice questions to test knowledge and highlight the areas that need a little bit extra work!

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