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Year 1 Year 9 Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Our year 1 reading comprehension worksheets are the perfect introduction to being able to read and understand words, basic texts and start to infer meaning from them. Our reading comprehension worksheets teach the foundations and skills your child will need throughout their school years. Our year 1 reading comprehension worksheets are designed in alignment with the National Curriculum to ensure your child is learning everything they need to in preparation for their later years of study and life beyond school! Reading comprehension is a very important skill that will stay with your child for their entire life, and is useful for much more than just learning English at school - our year 1 reading comprehension questions and other activities are created to be simple and easy to approach for you and your child, with gradually introduced topics to make sure all of their knowledge is solidified before they move on to more challenging sheets.

Learn about year 1 reading comprehension

Our year 1 reading comprehension worksheets are designed to be able to be used as either additional support to your child’s classroom time, or as a separate learning aid if you want to teach your child the basics of reading comprehension. When used in conjunction with the rest of our year 1 English worksheets, your child can learn everything they need to know in preparation for year 2 and beyond. We even have sample free year 1 reading comprehension worksheets for you to try!

Our year 1 reading comprehension worksheets start with grapheme & phonological awareness, as well as a basic introduction to listening to and discussing texts. Common consonant digraphs and blending sounds are taught, and being able to distinguish between similar sounds is also a focus. These worksheets aim to ensure the basics of reading comprehension are covered before moving on to more difficult words and texts. The texts introduced in these topics are basic rhyming poems, which is a great way to start encouraging your child to discuss the meaning found in texts.

When you’re comfortable, you can move on to slightly more challenging activities which include encouraging your child to read aloud, identify multiple syllables in words and even independently infer meaning at a basic level. They should also begin to read and spell common exception words, and read words with contractions or apostrophes. All of this work should compound your child’s knowledge and prepare them to move onto a selection of year 2 reading comprehension worksheets.


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