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KS1 maths worksheets

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As your child first goes into Key Stage 1, everything can feel new and overwhelming - with our KS1 maths worksheets, we help children develop their understanding in an easy and approachable way. Our year 1 maths worksheets and year 2 maths worksheets are designed to help your child learn new topics in an enjoyable environment. Supporting children through the first steps of their school journey is important, and our Key Stage 1 maths worksheets are the perfect way to do that! Our online KS1 maths worksheets are created by our team of teachers and aligned to the UK KS1 maths curriculum to make sure your child can learn everything they need - perfect when used alongside our KS1 English worksheets and KS1 science worksheets!

KS1 maths worksheets by year group

How can Key Stage 1 maths worksheets help?


We believe that learning can be just as fun as it is informative, which is why we take pride in making sure our Key Stage 1 maths worksheets are enjoyable to complete for all students! Catered to younger children, our KS1 maths activities include visual learning materials to keep learners engaged, including pictures and colourful diagrams to make new content easier to follow; helping to understand sharing, fractions, money and more! Our KS1 maths worksheets are regularly reviewed and updated with new content and interesting activities to make sure we’re aligned to the UK KS1 maths National Curriculum, and we work closely with educational professionals and parents to make sure our KS1 maths resources always reach the highest standards!


As well as helping your child to learn new content, our KS1 maths worksheets help your child consolidate their previous knowledge, allowing them to understand it before moving on to the next topic - we use KS1 maths questions, revision resources and KS1 maths quiz activities to help promote an enjoyable method of learning!

Popular KS1 maths activities

Activities for all KS1 maths topics


We know that every student has different needs when it comes to learning or revising content - we’ve structured our KS1 maths resources by topics and year groups to help aid your individual needs! With activities focussing on all of the main topics including money worksheets, numbers worksheets, addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets, shape worksheets and more, our online KS1 maths worksheets are a flexible tool to help your child learn new content.

Lesson planning & KS1 maths revision 


Whether you’re making a homeschooling plan and want to cover the entire curriculum or focus on specific KS1 maths topics to help your child improve their understanding, our KS1 maths topics can cater to any style of learning. Our KS1 maths worksheets are tailored to different educational needs; whether you’re a school looking for worksheet resources, a teacher looking for some lesson planning inspiration or a parent who wants to support your child on a couple of topics, our KS1 maths worksheets are the perfect learning aid.


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