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Algebra Worksheets

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Our range of algebra worksheets are designed to help children once they’re introduced to this topic in school. Algebra are problems and sums that add an extra dimension via additional numerical values and other letters and symbols. It’s one of the most significant branches of our maths worksheets, and with your child bound to come up against it at some point, there’s no harm in having some extra algebra revision resources to hand! Algebra is important to get a grasp of as it can improve a child’s knowledge of numbers and other figures. Problem-solving skills also take a huge boost with our algebra question and answer worksheets. Overall, algebra is the study of structure, relation, and quantity.

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Our worksheets are created specially to be able to comfortably walk any student through the subject while providing them with the opportunity to think and learn for themselves. Our algebra worksheets with fractions and other important examples give you plenty of opportunities to brush up your child’s skills or just to give them some extra practice. We also have algebra test papers for when your child is ready to tackle a mock exam! We’ve designed algebra revision resources for children in years 6 to 9, and have a number of different algebra topics within each of the worksheets to help your child get that extra bit of practice they might need.

With our year 6 algebra worksheets, students should learn how to express problems algebraically. Our algebra worksheets also help to teach your child how to understand linear number sequences and use algebraic formulae. They’ll also be introduced to learning all about using algebra equations.


Our year 7 algebra worksheets progress to focus on generating terms of an algebraic sequence. They’ll also start to learn to simplify algebraic expressions to maintain equivalence. Solving linear equations with one variable, and they’ll end with learning how to substitute numerical values for different formulae and expressions.


Our year 8 algebra worksheets will continue to develop their knowledge on these core topics, but they’ll be of a more advanced nature with more challenging ideas and a lot more detail. Our year 9 algebra worksheets go into much more depth as students outgrow the previous levels.

Algebra is an important and interesting strand of mathematics as it teaches children many different areas of mathematics in one topic. It helps to develop critical thinking skills and patience as well as problem-solving, logic, patterns and reasoning. If a student is looking to go into maths or science when they’re older, algebra is one of the most important topics to master! Look through our whole range of more advanced and basic algebra worksheets today in both PDF format and online, with easily understandable content to help support your child.

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