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Year 7 Algebra Worksheets

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Our year 7 algebra worksheets cover all the topics your child will need to know - completely aligned with the National Curriculum, you can be sure that our resources don’t miss anything out! Regardless of whether you’re looking for a supplementary resource to go over something your child didn’t quite understand in school, or an independent learning aid as part of your homeschooling routine, our algebra worksheets are the perfect way to help your child develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject. We make the content in our year 7 algebra revision worksheets easy to approach, and introduce new concepts in a way that are simple to understand with a range of different activities including revision and example problems.

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Year 7 algebra - why is it important? ic_resources


When used in combination with the rest of our year 7 maths worksheets, our easy to use resources can teach your child everything they need to know and ensure that all their knowledge solidified for the long term. Algebra is a topic that crops up time and time again throughout maths over the years, so it’s important that your child gets a solid grasp of the main topics and can solve algebraic problems independently - our year 7 algebra worksheets with answers are easily digestible to help your child continue developing their understanding of the subject.


Solving linear equations & algebra substitution ic_resources


The first topics your child will come up against are generating terms in sequence, simplifying algebraic expressions and solving linear equations.

Using our year 7 algebra worksheets that can be completed online or printed out as PDF, these topics are broken down into chunks so your child can learn about one thing at a time. Our year 7 algebra substitution worksheets explore how algebraic substitutions can be completed through a range of different examples; decimal numbers and negative numbers can both be used in addition to simple algebraic substitutions. This topic also introduces the idea of substituting numbers for letters into an expression, and explains how to approach problems with this in mind.


Using sequences & mathematical formulae ic_resources


Your child should also begin to understand expressions and inequalities in terms of factorisation.

As well as this, geometric sequences and using sequences to find the nth term and how to approach these problems is something your child will also start to learn. Using standard mathematical formulae will help to develop your child’s understanding of algebraic expressions as a whole, as well as using algebraic notation. All of these topics and more are explored in our year 7 algebra worksheets, so check out our selection and try one to give your child that extra boost!

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