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Fractions Worksheets

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Our fractions worksheets aim to make this notoriously tricky topic as easy to approach as possible! Although it’s commonly thought of as hard to understand, our fractions worksheets and other resources give you revision, sample test papers and more to help give your child a better understanding of fractions and everything they entail! Starting from Key Stage 1 and advancing all the way through Key Stage 3, including GCSE revision, our specially designed fractions worksheets are all aligned to the National Curriculum, meaning you can use them as part of your home learning or as a supplementary resource in addition to time in the classroom. With fractions being a topic that appears time and time again throughout the curriculum, our maths worksheets are a great way to make sure your child’s knowledge doesn’t have any gaps as they continue with their learning.


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We know it’s hard to keep learning fun, but our fractions worksheet’s varied resources do a great job of keeping your child’s interest piqued, whilst solidifying their knowledge at the same time. Introducing new topics, concepts and methods at a gentle pace makes learning easier and helps to make that end goal seem all the more achievable. Our activities are best used in combination with other topics and subjects to make sure that your child isn’t missing out anything important they’ll need later down the line. Covering all the fundamental topics through our subtraction worksheets, algebra worksheets and many more, you can be sure that your child won’t only have all the knowledge they need for the future, but they’ll enjoy learning it at the same time.

Our range of Key Stage 1 fractions worksheets are designed to introduce the basics of fractions as a whole, and teach the underlying principles your child will need to tackle more complex problems. Our year 1 fractions worksheets focus on halves and quarters, using simple analogies to demonstrate what a half or quarter actually looks like. This then develops into an understanding of fractions of numbers and shapes in our year 2 fractions worksheets.


Key Stage 2 fractions worksheets are a step up in terms of knowledge and developing your child’s understanding. Introducing fractions and decimals worksheets for the first time as well as other new topics, there’s a lot to understand throughout Key Stage 2! Our year 3 fractions worksheets and year 4 fractions worksheets focus on tenths, converting fractions to decimals and even adding fractions in a simple form.


Different denominators are tackled in our year 5 fractions worksheets, and your child should also begin to learn how to compare fractions, and how they relate to their decimal and percentage equivalents. This knowledge is solidified throughout our year 6 fractions worksheets, with more activities based around comparing, adding and subtracting, and converting fractions.

Approaching GCSE, our Key Stage 3 fractions worksheets are a great resource to finish learning everything you need to know about the topic, and using them as a revision tool to recap all the knowledge learnt. Our year 7 fractions worksheets and year 8 fractions worksheets continue to build on previous topics, with more examples to practice your understanding. Our year 9 fractions worksheets also give more complex additions, subtraction and division problems. We’ve designed a range of GCSE fractions worksheets to round off all of your child’s knowledge and make sure they don’t have any gaps in their understanding!

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